Palmer Construction offers block construction services these include classroom,office and creche blocks.These range from single to double storey separate blocks. Blocks can be used as educational facilities for preschools ,secondary schools and tertiary education. In Universities and/or colleges these blocks are usually bigger and double story to save space as well as cater for all the needs of a faculty and to accommodate a large number of students.

At Palmer we design and build modern, early childhood development (ECD) classroom block for schools to cater for the most vulnerable age group of learners. Our plans range from an ECD block comprising of 2 classrooms with adjoining ablution facilities. Each classroom will be built to accommodate 30 children at a time, thereby accommodating a total of 60 learners within the facility or any number according to to clients needs and specifications.

The construction of classroom blocks is also our major expertise. The space provides a conducive learning environment to students in different age groups. The school block reduces disruptions in children’s learning caused by adverse weather conditions and other distractions. The school block contributes to increased enrollment and improved classroom performance among the students.

Palmer constructs office blocks from single to double story blocks.We construct 5-floor block fitted with lifts and an underground parking lot.These blocks accommodate up to 50 or more offices which can be rented out to different organizations or used as a company headquarters.Construction of smaller office blocks to fit smaller budgets can also be implemented.