Door Entry & Keyless Systems

Keyless entry and access control systems involve either code access, card access, and/or key fobs instead of using keys to unlock deadbolts or simpler door locks that would otherwise leave businesses or homes vulnerable to unwelcome visitors. These systems provide added security and monitoring capabilities to businesses that need those most in order to protect both business property and employees.

The benefits to these over a keyed entry and access system are three-fold, and provide maximum peace of mind.Keyless entry systems are more difficult to breach than run-of-the-mill door locks.Keyless entry systems enable businesses to monitor who gains access and when.Keyless entry systems are reprogrammable, allowing businesses to disable access for specific persons from the convenience of the office.

Because keyless entry systems do not utilize a key, unwanted visitors cannot use a bump key to access your business property. These systems are ideal for any business that needs to—or wishes to—monitor who enters the premises and at what time, because they use electronic codes, cards, or key fobs to gain access.

Because these systems are programmable from within your business, you have the capability of denying access to specific persons without having to purchase a new system or change of locks; you can disable cards, codes, and key fobs right from your office, protecting your business from ex or temporary employees, former service providers, and more, without the disruption of getting the locks changed.

If you want to secure your business, contact Palmer to take the first steps toward implementing your own keyless entry/access control system and enjoying the peace of mind that only our licensed and experienced locksmiths can provide.