Drug scanner

Palmer Construction offers a drug scanning device revolutionizing the future of police work.Detecting illicit drugs outside of laboratory environments can be extremely dangerous, expensive and time consuming. A drug scanner device is an affordable, portable drug-screening scanner designed to detect illicit narcotics without unnecessary officer exposure, helping police officers screen narcotics safely in just a few seconds in the field.

Unnecessary exposure to unknown substances and prolonged waiting times with perpetrators cause futile risks to police officers in the field. On top of being unsafe, current methods such as test kits and designed to be used only once or too expensive for most police departments.

Many departments are already eliminating field testing because of the high costs and dangers of sample preparation and field test kits, such as drug exposure, chemical burns and cuts from the test kit ampules.Thanks to Palmer construction as it offers cheaper and affordable drug scanners ready for you to use.

Palmer also offers airport drug scanners.While there are a few different types of full-body scanners, the most common is the millimeter wave scanner. It uses a special type of electromagnetic wave to detect a wide range of items, from knives and guns to plastic explosives, and drugs strapped to travelers’ bodies.