Panel Scheduling

Palmer professionals create panel schedules for all types of lots from residential to commercial to industrial. Without proper panel scheduling, there will be a lack of performance, coordination, and accuracy in design and documentation.Panel scheduling plays a critical role in affirming the power consumption of the installation and operations of all sorts of design projects.

Our engineers use the information obtained from this to validate the overload stage, implementing safety precautions accordingly, and therefore design the overall system, namely, the system of control, conductors and conduits. It is designed using different calculations, the load scheduling is done during the design stage of installation. It is also to be noted that additional loads are projected; to give some leverage to the designed system in the case where more load is obtained in the future, by the panel board.

Panelboards, which are also known as electrical distribution boards, are a part of the electrical supply circuit, in fact, a core part. Its function is to distribute the electrical power in terms of secondary circuits, protective fuses and breakers per unit circuit.

All this is neatly packed within an enclosure which we call the “Panelboard”. It also consists of the main switch to control the overall power supply and residual current breakers with protection against the excess current. If you ever see, breaker panels, fuse boxes, fuse boards, consumer unit (CU), or circuit breakers, then this board is what they’re talking about.

Palmer engineers apply their knowledge and experience to provide you with the most specifically customized plan for your system, after all, this is what panel scheduling is all about.