Ensuring drainage systems work effectively is key to minimizing downtime and protecting against health and other environmental issues. Our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment supports efficient, compliant drainage networks and guards against potential health and environmental hazards, meaning fully operational and compliant drainage networks. Common causes of blocked drains are debris,broken pipes,drain snacking,water flow problems,drain jetting and drain snacking .

As Palmer we offer the following services drain mapping. Knowing how your site drainage network functions and being able to easily identify flow paths and duty type is essential. Pollution guidelines stipulate that sites should not only know this information but that it should be displayed and understood by spill responders. Our mapping services include connectivity surveys,scale drawings,GPS surveys and flow path modelling.

Drain cleansing. Drains need to be kept clean and free flowing and sites should not discharge pollutants without appropriate consent licenses. In the case of foul drains it is illegal to discharge anything that may cause a public sewer to block or is not consented to by the appropriate sewage water company. Our cleansing services include drain flushing,drain tankering and drain jetting.

Drain repairs. Ensure drains are in good structural condition and watertight. Critical when a drain network is potentially being used for containment purpose. It is always best practice to ensure that drains are in good structural condition and, with the exception of filter drainage, are watertight. Our drain repairs services include patch repairs,CIPP relining and manhole rehabilitation.