Palmer is a roads construction company based Harare and Bulawayo Zimbabwe. With experience in executing designs, surveys, billing and road repair. We provides our clients with   products, hot asphalt mix and road rehabilitation services. We are in the business of infrastructure development, road safety, creating a convenient commute and ensuring an enjoyable journey for all road users.

We have the skill and equipment to carry out slurry seal patching and surfacing. Slurry sealing provides a cost effective alternative in many cases to the often more expensive surface dressing and asphalt paving.

We carry out all types of patching including pothole patching, slack repairs, crack sealing, edge patching and crocodile crack sealing. We are able to execute any asphalt concrete works whether the project is only a few tonnes or several thousands of tonnes. We have the capacity to undertake all manner of roadworks including bridges and infrastructural development including storm water drainage, water and sewer reticulation. We are able to quickly rehabilitate existing roads in need of reconstruction.

We can mix and supply any quantity of asphalt (premix) required.  We have the capacity to provide both hot and cold mixes. We carry out all aspects of  surface dressing whether it be for new works, from priming of completed base to the construction of tack and seal coats, or patching and resealing of an existing surface. We can provide all-inclusive rates for the construction or the surfacing required.  Or, alternatively, we can provide plant and labour rates only where the Client supplies the materials.

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