From concept to homes with Palmer Contractors. We help you build your dream house from start to finish. Regardless of size, we have enough staff to work on your construction project within set time frames.

Low cost house construction company in Harare Zimbabwe. Palmer is among the top contractors for best building services. Design & build from start to completion.

Being one of the most recognized home builders company in Zimbabwe, we are proud to offer custom building services. We do cottages, main structures, staff quarters and temporary structures.

We like to bring your sketches and drafts to reality. Whatever type of structure you want to live in, we build it and bring reality to your life. We build and develop to the highest standards nationwide. Perfect homes build as if they were our own to dwell in. We would be thrilled to own the properties we have built, they are extra ordinary and tailor made to suite client’s needs.

We are a leading housing developer, with our scope of works encompassing high quality cluster homes, garden flats, apartments as well as large and mixed use housing projects. We are directly involved from the planning right up to execution of our projects to ensure quality housing services are guaranteed.

Our house construction charges are low and affordable. Flexible payment terms are also available for you. Under the lowest fees we quote, we take all responsibility for your home’s day to day construction until complete.

Get a flavor of how it is like to work with the best construction company in Zimbabwe. Give us a call, whatsapp or sent us an email. Consultation is openly free for you.