Steel Fixing

Palmer offers steel fixing services.Steel fixing is shaping and fitting the steel bars or mesh structures in construction projects.The steel fixing process includes: the positioning of steel — Steel must be positioned correctly, otherwise, the strength of the structure can be significantly weakened.

We do steel fixing on the roof.The roof is the distance from the outside of the concrete to the nearest surface of the reinforcement. If this distance is insufficient, the steel will rust. As the steel oxidizes, the diameter of the actual steel decreases and the strength provided by the steel decreases. Shorten the life of the building. It is also important to maintain the strength of reinforced concrete during the fire. Depending on the length of time, reinforced concrete must withstand fire, the type of concrete and the location of concrete.

The spacer is used to maintain the cover. They keep the steel at the desired distance from the edges of the concrete.The fixing is the steel reinforcement bars so that they remain in the correct position with each other.

Our professionals ensure that steel must remains in place when the workers walking,at the same time, the concrete is laid and during compaction.At the intersection of the bar, they are fastened with a wire.It must be tight and free ends do not protrude in the cover space.

Reinforced fasteners install reinforcing bars and meshes in reinforced concrete to strengthen and protect buildings and other large structures during construction. They need to decide where the reinforcement is needed and calculate the size, shape and amount of the required reinforcement. Machinery and tools are used, including cutting and bending equipment, to help place the bar in place.

We offer structural steel fabrication  Unparalleled structural steel fabrication that adheres to the industries most stringent standards and certifications. Utilizing the most advanced processes and equipment.

Being one of the most important requirements for any steel structure. Barrier protection ensures the longevity of our products we manufacture. Being such a crucial element we have partnered with only the best corrosion protection specialists which utilize only the highest quality corrosion protection films and products. We have a onsite team which expedites this process from start to finish doing in process inspections to ensure quality and specifications are complied with. Making sure the right products are delivered to site on time.