When time is money, power outages can cost your businesses dearly. That’s why you need Palmer Construction for the installation of an emergency backup power system or standby generator is a great idea for businesses looking to keep the wheels of commerce turning. From small offices to large warehouses, Detail Electrical Services can assess, source and install standby power systems for your commercial space.

Standby generators must be correctly installed in order to enable them to seamlessly switch over in the event of a power outage. Commercial power systems should automatically switch over when the regular power source is interrupted, ensuring your business is never off-grid. We are also able to install uninterruptable power supplies or automatic transfer switching and generators, powered by gas or diesel, in standby mode.

It is important to identify which size of emergency generator your commercial building will require. Small offices will demand far less power, for example, than a warehouse or factory. While it is important not to purchase a generator which is too weak, it is also a waste of money to buy one far larger than your space requires. Our qualified electricians are able to assess your premises and overall electrical needs before recommending the best standby power system for you and designing your personalized installation program.

Standby power systems can help to keep businesses functioning in the event of power outages caused by damaged wiring, extreme weather or planned service improvements. While this is important for companies working hard to earn money, it is also crucial for many industries including health care facilities and schools or universities. These buildings must be supplied with continuous power in order to provide their important services. High quality standby power systems are the best way to ensure this.

Palmer Construction has experience installing a wide variety of standby power systems, generators and uninterruptible power supplies. We are able to work with each individual client to identify the needs of your space and your electrical demands. This allows us to accurately recommend the best system for you and then complete the installation process. We are also able to perform regular maintenance checks as an additional service to ensure your standby power system continues to perform as expected and fulfills the needs of your business.