Our canteen construction services range from renovating an older building, refurbishing an existing space, or designing a completely new location for both national franchises and single-location canteens.

When constructing a canteen we focus on two areas: “back of house” and “front of house”. “Front of house” construction encompasses all of the design work the customer sees, including the exterior, entry, dining rooms, bars, eating counters, and public restrooms. “Back of house” covers construction of the kitchen and is the primary differentiator between canteen construction and commercial projects. Kitchen construction typically includes the installation of a cook line, dishwasher, refrigerator, and three-compartment sink.

At Palmer we design and build an ideal canteen that meets our team of architects, builders, and contractors have experience with all aspects of canteen construction and are knowledgeable of all of the regulations canteen are required to meet. From the walk-in refrigerator to the color of the bathroom, our professionals are dedicated to ensuring every portion of your canteen complies with the necessary codes.

Canteen construction requires specialized mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) work in order to ensure the kitchen is operational and meets all of the necessary safety and health codes. We also make sure that all our canteen designs and plans are in compliance with the county health departments, the department of building and safety, and the fire marshal.

In addition, the canteens must meet the guidelines primarily pertain to accessibility. These requirements include (but are not limited to) the following ,parking with appropriate accessibility signage,routes to building entrance free of steps,entrance ways with approved door hardware and wheelchair-accessible seating.