Chicken Run

chicken run design building services Palmer construction Zimbabwe

Palmer offers chicken run construction under civil engineering  services. We plan and build on supply and fix terms. From plan design, build and commission we do it all under one roof. Regardless of your location, we do site visits to wherever you are, then prepare quotations or cost estimates.

The chicken run we construct is either fenced or enclosed outdoor space  for your fowl. The construction includes a  coop which is the indoor space where they go to sleep on their roost and lay eggs in their nests and the run is the outdoor space, where they may sun bathe or dust bathe, forage in grass and scratch in the dirt.

If you are thinking of a unique walk in chicken run design, feel free to let us know. We modify and implement it in  modern way. Designs suitable for layers and broilers. Generate income with poultry projects for yourself. Palmer Construction is there to help you build any size of poultry house you need. Call us for quotations and site visits.