cluster homes construction services Zimbabwe

Palmer offers cluster home construction services. Cluster accommodation has typically been associated with the provision of residential or student accommodation, but may also be provided for groups such as nurses and other key workers.

The following advantages are associated with cluster development. Energy conservation that is less land disturbance, fewer environmental impacts and less infrastructure results in reduced energy consumption. Open space preservation. Cluster developments preserve open space and can protect scenic views.

Environmental conservation cluster development can result in fewer environmental impacts than conventional development, such as the reduction in impacts to natural resource areas, woodlands and steep slopes can be protected, less storm water runs off into wetlands, and impervious surface coverage is reduced.

Encourages neighborhood development a greater sense of community can result due to the cluster development design, because homes are typically placed closer together.Greater design flexibility the flexibility of cluster development designs can use open space as a screen and buffer between incompatible uses.Lowered construction costs cluster designs typically result in lower infrastructure costs for the applicant and lower maintenance costs for the municipality.Recreational opportunities the open space in cluster developments can be used for recreation.

The demand for lock-up-and-go cluster units and are on the rise. Palmer Construction recognizes that its excellent reputation and continued success is dependent on the completion of every job to the total satisfaction of the client. This commitment to quality drives our company to reach ever-higher standards of workmanship, and more effective management control.