core house construction services zimbabwe

At Palmer construction we help you build a reliable core house. Now a core house is a simple shelter built with a limited budget, and then expanded room by room or part by part along with the economic growth of the family, until the house fulfills the need of whole family. We also help you with further development depending on occupant. It can be your starter house which meets minimum decent housing requirements and is affordable for low income.We can work with your budget and also help you with ideas on what works best.

There are a different types of core houses for example, there may be a core hostel that provides high-dependency accommodation, around which there is cluster accommodation that is lower dependency. This can allow occupants to move from supported, to semi-supported, and finally to independent living. This sort of accommodation is typically provided by the employers for their employees, social services or by charitable organizations.

The core house contains all of the functions of ‘home’ that are necessary for a family to either recover quickly from disaster and live for an extended period of time until rebuilding is possible or for a small family with low income. The walls of the core house are constructed of filled and anchored carbon-neutral concrete masonry units.