Deep Foundations

Palmer offers a full range of comprehensive deep foundations construction services. Deep foundations are achieved by forcing vertical structure components several feet below the ground’s surface in order to secure the structure in place. In the context of industrial and civil construction, deep foundations refer to the piles, piers, drilled shafts, and caissons that are embedded deep into the ground. Deep foundations are required when soil and superficial ground content is not stable or thick enough to support heavy loads. The load bearing capacity of a pile depends on soil and structural capacity of the material from which the pile was made. We also provide a reinforcement against seismic activity and wind forces.

Our Deep Foundation services includes construction of the following; Bored Piles;Driven Piles; Micro Piles; Sheet Piles; Ground Improvements; Vibro Flotation & Stone Columns; Pile Loading Test; Vertical Drain; Diaphragm Walls; Precast Diaphragm Walls;Marine Works: Graving Dry Dock, Slipway & Dock construction; Dredging; Shoreline Protection; Offshore, Wharves, Ports, Dolphin and Jetty Construction.

Palmer specializes in assisting owners, developers, and general contractors to manage, build, and succeed.The company provides innovative and imaginative solutions for foundation piles and excavation shoring.We are devoted to maintaining a company culture that promotes safety and quality vigorously.The company owns one of the most modern, well-maintained fleets of equipment.  Its’ highly-skilled workforce is motivated by a strong sense of ownership and is driven in its’ approach to achieving clients’ goals.

We maintain long-standing relationships with many of our clients and value their feedback.