Office blocks design and build services in Zimbabwe. We are Zimbabwe’s leading low cost office installers using prefab, containers and bricks. We have a range of options for our clients to choose from. Our range includes portable site offices for construction, mining and farming companies and more.

The cheapest type of offices are erected using saligna or tongue and groove pine timber panels and can be installed in custom shapes and sizes like any other material. Second cheapest type of offices is done using precast panels and pillars. Third option is prefab sandwich chromadeck ibr panels which is quite high on pricing but more durable, portable and weatherproof. Fourth option is using bricks, sand and cement, this is commonly applicable on permanent structures. The last one which is stylish and a bit more pricey is a mixture of reinforced concrete plus aluminum with laminated glass.

We have many other options on offer but the above ones are the most common. You can also get thatched type of offices. If you have any questions and wish to understand more, feel free to call or email us. Quotations are done free of charge.