Septic Tanks

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Septic tank construction services in Harare Zimbabwe. We design and build all sizes of underground concrete chambers. Also known as sewage tanks. We leave provisions and lids to necessitate draining when it gets full.

A septic tank design needs to be well designed and built so that it won’t crack and pollute the ground water. Here we look at the design and construction of a septic tank, we provide building plans for a standard sized tank and we discuss the features, the need to determine effluent levels the tank inlet and outlet pipes, the transfer pipe between the internal chambers, vent pipes and the design of access manholes so the tank can be maintained and cleaned out.

A well built septic tank will not leak and should be able to withstand earth movements.It is easy to underestimate the forces that a septic tank has to withstand.The use of lightweight concrete blocks in building septic tanks with a thin skim of cement on the inside should never be implemented and our engineers take note of that. The slightest bit of ground movement, probably even the settlement resulting from the tanks construction, will be enough to crack it.

We should also bear in mind that when a tank is operating it will be holding a metric ton (1,000 kgs) of liquid for each cubic metre, for an average tank this is likely to be as much as 3 or 4 tons. That is a lot of weight.Septic tanks should be either made from plastics that will give a little with ground movement or be built from reinforced concrete and designed such that in the event of ground movement the tank will move as a single entity and retain its integrity.

Our services are available on both supply and fix terms or labor only. We supply all linings including sewer pipes, plastic and more. Wherever you are, we are not limited by distance, our services are available nation wide.Call us for a quotation. We do site visits.