Setting Out

When the time comes to begin building your new residential or commercial property, it is necessary to have complete confidence that the plan you have on paper is what gets built.

At Palmer, we offer building set outs that help determine the viability of your plans and ensure they can be brought to life as they should be. Using either nails in stakes or paling fences, the setting out survey procedure involves setting out the building lines to make sure the property is built in the correct location and with accurately dimensioned walls. Each line is clearly labelled for ease of construction.

A building set out survey is necessary when building any structure, from small homes to large commercial high rises. They’re also needed when building a road, tunnel or bridge, or when adding an extension to an existing structure.

Building and house set outs in Melbourne assist builders by providing them with the legal boundaries they have to work within, minimising the risk of disputes arising later on. A set out survey also allows construction workers to build exactly to the plan.