Skirting boards are also known as baseboards or kickboards and are a common feature in many homes. They are usually made of wood, MDF, or PVC boards, which run along the base of the walls. Depending on the type and material used, skirting boards can be glued, nailed, or screwed into the walls. Some of the benefits of using skirting boards for home-building projects are highlighted below.

Using skirting boards services to conceal the spaces left after floor installation is more practical and economical. The skirting boards are then used to hide the wires. The skirting boards also protect the cables from elements such as moisture.

Covering Gaps.Aligning floors to the walls perfectly is quite challenging, even for the most skilled fitters. Gaps or spaces are just unavoidable after installing flooring, and some might be unsightly. At times, the gaps are left intentionally to account for the expansion and contraction of wooden floors. Skirting boards do a good job of covering such gaps.

Damage Prevention.Skirting boards can work as a barrier that prevents your furniture from getting into contact with the walls and ruining the plastering work, creating marks on the painting or wallpaper, or damaging the wall. The skirting boards also provide some form of protection to the lower parts of the walls from mopping, vacuums, toys, and general traffic in the house. It is significantly cheaper to replace the boards compared to repairing the walls.

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