Soak away

Palmer offers the construction of a soak away. Now a soak away is simply a hole dug into the ground, filled with rubble and coarse stone which allows surface water to percolate back into the earth close to where it falls. Soak away construction is a low environmental impact solution to drainage because it is uses few materials.

As part of a full drainage system it is an efficient and low environmental-impact way of dealing with surface water (also called runoff, rain water or storm water). There will be a pipe leading into the soak away, from the area where there is excess water, like a gutter from a roof, a driveway drain or a French drain.

A soak away provides a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) which complies with this regulation. When you have drained the water from the ground you will need to direct it somewhere. It should be directed into the rainwater or storm drain system of the mains drains or into a soak away, but never into a foul water system. You should not direct rain water into a cess pit or septic tank either.

One of the simplest water drainage systems to install is a french drain leading to a soak away. Contact Palmer today for more information.