Palmer is an environmentally friendly land clearing company that has mulched for clients in oil and gas, mining, agricultural, forestry, municipal, recreational, industrial, and construction sectors. We offer land clearing services in the whole of Zimbabwe. Blasting of huge rocks into smaller sizes then removal. Unwanted top soil cutting to required depth and removal. Tree and bushes cutting from unwanted spaces where construction is expected to take place

We have powerful and efficient machinery that does work efficiently on time. Our fleet of land clearing equipment includes bull dozers d6, d7, d8, grader, front end loader, tlb, backhoe jcb, industrial chainsaws, tipper trucks. We use big bucket trucks to haul and dump debris at designated sites.

Concern for the environment is at the core of our business model. Palmer team consists of enthusiastic employees who have a genuine interest in the environment. Our land clearing, mulching, and mechanical brushing services are the fastest, safest, and most environmentally friendly in the industry. We boast of extensive fleet of state of the art equipment that allows us to complete projects on any terrain in a timely fashion, at a competitive rate, completed to meet important project specifications.

We have extensive knowledge in construction, mining and farming preliminary works. Get in touch with us for a free no obligation quote today.