Brick making plant is an indispensable equipment for building construction projects. When the machine produces burning-free bricks, it reuses the construction waste and industrial rubbish as the main raw materials of bricks.Now after the successfully completion of a brewery plant your product range will include a wide range of brick manufacturing plant and brick making machine.

When there is insufficient lead time to make specials via the traditional molding process, we can cut and bond from our own bricks, but more often we are asked to produce specials from other manufacturer’s bricks where they are no longer produced.We are able to produce pre-fabricated arches fixed to structural lintels which can often save both time and money as on-site installation is simple.

However, we are one of the few companies with the necessary skill to create gauged arches appropriate for heritage brickwork. These are suitable for structural performance as well as adding to the beauty of the building.

Another specialization that we cover is the production of a range of glazed bricks either for the matching of old brickwork or where a bespoke effect is desired in new buildings. We also offer a tinting and refacing service to enhance the accuracy when matching with weathered or aged brickwork.The combination of all these services under one roof means that we can usually deal quickly and efficiently with most specialist brick requirements.