When it comes to manufacturing, supply, and installation of top-quality refrigeration rooms, cold rooms, freezer rooms, and blast freezer rooms, Palmer comes out as a clear winner in the race. We also have expertise in catering to the specific refrigeration requirements and applications of our clients in Africa. We take pride in offering the most efficient refrigeration needs globally.

Extending the post-harvest life of the products is possible with cooling systems and atmosphere controlled storage. In atmosphere controlled rooms, the atmosphere surrounding the product is changed by adding or removing gas from the atmosphere, as it would be different from the normal atmospheric level. The cooling system is identical to the standard cold storage. Additionally, it is necessary to change the air composition in the room. For this purpose rooms constructed as gas tight. Due to the reduction of the rate of oxygen in the controlled atmosphere, the respiration rate of the products decreases, the metabolism slows down, and maturation and aging are delayed. This allows the products to be stored much longer than their normal storage period.

Both producers and food distributors are aware that right cooling systems are indispensable components of the cold chain for optimal storage of products.Palmer Construction engineers are designing the optimum refrigeration systems which ensure efficient cooling, cost – effective and environment friendly solutions for all types of frozen food and ice cream storages.

The most important thing is in poultry slaughterhouses to cool the poultry meat as fast as possible and store it in right condition. Therefore with the expertise and know-how of Palmer, you can ensure the first ring of cold chain which is created with in the highest hygiene standards and the capacity you need.

After slaughtering, the cold chain begins – and with it our responsibility toward the consumer. Effective cooling and freezing of meat is essential to preserve for quality and taste. Using Palmer meat products cooling and freezing plants, you can be certain that the meat not only preserve taste and quality; at the same time our systems ensure all hygienic standards for a strong cold chain. Furthermore, under favor of using the environmentally friendly refrigerants, helps to decrease energy costs.