Storing grain properly requires a certain amount of know-how. For example, there has to be sufficient ventilation and the surface of the walls and floors must be mould resistant. The doors of a storage hall for grain storage facility also have specific requirements: they must close tightly so that they are rodent-proof.

We provide buildings that are intended for temporary grain storage before the grain is processed further. After this phase, there is enough room in the building for housing machines and tractors. All the requirements of modern grain storage facilities were considered and incorporated into the construction. The design is also very attractive and the building merges into the environment perfectly. The whole facility is built in 16 months at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Grain storage silos range in size from 250 tonne to 22,500 tonnes in capacity. Diameters range from 16 ft. to 100 ft. using our own equipment. Smaller and larger sizes can be constructed in special situations. Each silo is engineered to specific conditions and customer needs. MWI also has special form work to construct interstice (star bins) with smaller diameter grain silos. Grain silos can also have a variety of floor designs, including: Standard aeration with U-trough.Standard aeration with walkthrough reclaim tunnel. Concrete V hopper with U-trough.Concrete V hopper with walk through reclaim tunnel.Full raised aeration floor and reclaim tunnel

Steel hopper. Kanal System. MWI’s exclusive roof designs promote good drainage and the ability to handle large concentrated loads anywhere on the roof, such as conveyor support towers.