Storage is an essential component of water systems. Water storage facilities provide water reserves for fire protection, flow equalization, and emergencies. Adequate storage allows for efficient operation of the water system along with the emergency reserves. Storage tanks are often in remote places and do not receive the routine maintenance they require. Inadequate maintenance can lead to water quality degradation in the system, increased maintenance costs, and shortened structure life.

Palmer engineers have extensive experience in all aspects of water storage tank design and rehabilitation. Water storage tank related project components include sizing, hydraulic analyses, location studies, cleaning and painting, improvements such as installation of safety devices and accesses, site permitting and construction administration services, and resident observation services. It is important to conduct hydraulic modeling of proposed storage facilities in advance to verify the volume and hydraulic grade line elevations required. A properly sized tank at the appropriate location will complement the system’s delivery capability, while an improperly designed tank can contribute to water quality problems and added system maintenance.

Our successful projects include pre-stressed concrete, cast in place concrete, steel standpipes and reservoirs, glass lined bolted steel, and composite elevated tanks.  Designs have incorporated a variety of mixing systems.