The services we offer in water treatment include screening,aeration,coagulation and  flocculation,sedimentation,filtration,chlorination and supplementary treatment.Water treatment is the alteration of a water source in order to achieve a quality that meets specified goals.The main goal is elimination of deadly waterborne diseases.

The treatment of public drinking water to remove pathogenic, or disease-causing, microorganisms is very important. Treatment methods include sand filtration as well as the use of chlorine for disinfection. The virtual elimination of diseases such as cholera and typhoid in developed countries proved the success of this water-treatment technology.

In urban areas, many people live close together and they all need water. This creates a demand for large volumes of safe water to be supplied reliably and consistently, and this demand is growing. As urban populations increase, there is a need to find new sources to meet the growing demand. If groundwater is available this can often be used with minimal treatment but any surface water source will need to be treated to make it safe.At Palmer we offer water treatment plants to help solve the water problem.

We ensure that the client is fully aware of all cost implications related to relevant decisions made at every stage by providing cost estimation. This allows the client to choose where best to spend his/her budget which alternatives give best value for money.

We are committed to delivering fully integrated ,water treatment  services through seamless working relationships in the pursuit of global standards to meet clients’ expectations.We are happy to tailor our services to meet each client’s unique needs and to deliver value beyond expectations.As Palmer Construction we can guarantee meeting the contracted completion date and budget of your project by maintaining constant project supervision and ongoing communication.

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