Due to the changing weather phenomenon, the number of lightning strikes has significantly increased. An adequate lightning protection solution will not only keep your building’s equipment and personnel safe but will also prevent any unwanted costs.

With our lightning risk protection services, we assure high efficiency by adhering to various rules and regulations and boosting the overall productivity of your building with maximum protection against lightning strikes.    Palmer engineers ensure highly customized services according to the needs and requirements of a particular site but we also keep a sharp lookout on the project’s budget objectives.

The system for lightning protection is designed in a way to keep your structure or site safe from any damage that a lightning bolt may cause. This is done by intercepting the strike by safely passing it all the way to the ground. This system for lightning protection involves a network comprised of different air terminals, ground electrodes and bonding conductors.

Our engineers design these network elements to create a path with low impedance all the way to the ground for any of the potential strikes. Such a protection system will keep your structure away from any strikes. It can also mitigate any fire hazard. Due to the low impedance path for the charge to follow its heating capacity reduces significantly when it flows through the flammable materials of a structure or a building.

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