beautiful cottage design build and construction Harare Zimbabwe 2

Palmer Construction is Zimbabwe’s leading cottage building and architectural drawing design company. The place for all types of cottage designs. We are experienced in the construction of brick and panel cottages. Specializing in high-end building from start to finish, remodeling, maintenance and renovations.

Our finishing is outstanding on all types of cottages. We do tiling, painting and skirting. We handle all aspects of your cottage remodeling project, starting from the initial design phases to all final finishing items.

We strive to match themes elegantly (i.e. vintage, contemporary, historical) and provide custom furnishings and cabinetry through our own workshop. And being a company that endorses sustainability, we strive to improve our environmental performance and maximize opportunities to work as a team with our partners, clients and public to create a better environment for all. We are the best option available if you are working on a tight budget. Low cost options available