Leaking Roofs Repairs


Leaking roofs repairs in Harare Zimbabwe. We fix leaks from little and heavy rains. Most leaks penetrate through nails, ibr, qtile and tiles, on both flat, gable and heap roofing designs. As roof experts at Palmer Construction, we offer permanent fixing services around the country.

Depending on the damages caused by the leaks, ceilings are normally the most affected areas of the roof. Hence we advise that once you hear drops of water falling into the ceilings, you should have it looked at as soon as you can. If this is kept unattended, you will end up having to replace the whole ceiling, be it of pvc or plaster board.

In most cases the root cause of these roof leaks will be poor workmanship by the carpenter who constructed the roof. Concrete tiles should always be properly fixed and seated in the groves. Brandering spacing should be uniform otherwise, rain water will find loopholes. And asbestos should be clean of any cracks, as water can seep through them.

Gutters are also a cause for concern if they are not properly fixed. The gradient has to be there and the installer has to be sure that water will flow to the downpipes. There also shouldn’t be any blockages.

Call us today for a site visit, we will come and inspect the roofing then give you an instant quotation. As professionals in the leaking roof repairs, we offer guarantee and we normally start and complete within 3 days.


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