Intelligent Smart Door Lock with Cat Eye / Bell (TUYA)

  • Features:
    – Fingerprint Unlocking
    – Card Unlocking
    – Passcode Unlocking
    – Bluetooth Unlocking
    – App/WIFI Unlocking (TUYA APP)
    – Key (Emergency)
    – Built in Camera CAT EYE 161 degree super wide angle / 720p HD Picture Quality / 25FPS Smooth Picture
    – Built in Bell (when it rings the indoor screen will automatically show the situation outside)
    will notify on your TUYA APP with an option to unlock via remotely and a picture will be shown
    – Remote Video Unlocking
    – Back-up USB external power supply interface, in case batteries are dead
    – Reversable free style handle (Left or Right)
    – Material: Curved Tempered Glass Aluminum Alloy
    – Panel : H370mm x W75mm
    – Finish: Black
    – Lock Size: 250*24mm
    – Fingerprint Sensor: Semi-conducting fingerprint reader
    – Lock Latch: 1-Eu standard / 2- American standard / 3- China Standard
    – Batteries: 8x AA (not included)
    – Fingerprint Capacity: 100 Fingerprints
    – RFID card: 100 Users
    – Applicable door thickness: 45mm – 120mm


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